We see a changing landscape in Latin America driven by technology 

Power will change hands and a new breed of winners will emerge. Our goal is to work tirelessly to invest and empower those winners.


Volpe Capital seeks to obtain long term capital appreciation by investing in tech and tech enabled high growth opportunities in Latin America, a home to over 650m people with high adoption of consumer technology. Brazilians and Mexicans spend a daily average of 9:20 hours and 8:20 hours online respectively vs. Americans at 6:30. Moreover, Brazil and Mexico are top markets for leading global technology companies such as Uber, Netflix, Facebook, Wix, Waze, Google among others. Despite the high online metrics, Latin America lags other markets in key aspects of the digital economy. The low productivity of many markets makes the region prone for disruption by a selected group of digital leaders that will emerge.



We have assembled a unique team of investment professionals. Our focus has been on building a highly technical team who can follow a well-structured investment process. It is part of our mission to be the one of the best places to work from a rewards and culture perspective and be sought after by the best professionals in the industry.