Pedro Berto

Expanded Team

Pedro currently supports diversity and inclusion initiatives for Volpe’s portfolio companies.

Previously, Pedro worked from 2022-2023 as an intrapreneur in one of our portfolio companies, Teya and was an Analyst at Volpe Capital from 2021-2022. At that time, Pedro also served as a member of the diversity committee at Atlas Governance, another company in our portfolio.

Before Volpe Capital, Pedro worked as a Credit Analyst at BOCOM BBM, where he developed his skills in credit risk, and worked as an intern at Redpoint eVentures, where he supported the investment team in analyzing new investment opportunities and preparing reports and presentations for investors.

Pedro holds a BA in Public Administration from FGV and was a visiting student at Tsinghua University.

Pedro is a co-founder of Favela Summit, a non-profit organization focused on education and empowerment in poor communities in Rio de Janeiro.