Health tech

Welbe is a disruptive health tech company that aims to improve healthcare access in Mexico through its proprietary occupational health software and affordable primary care health plans.


With 128.5 million population and $10.0 billion total addressable market, Mexico is a large market with an underserved healthcare system and inadequate medical infrastructure, which results in the highest levels of chronic disease and one of the worst life expectancies in the region. Mexican companies also suffer with burdensome regulatory requirements on occupational health, spending a lot of time and capital to track information on their employees and provide medical facilities.

Welbe has developed a disruptive software solution to help companies track their employees’ healthcare data and comply with the strict occupational health regulatory requirements. The company has also designed an affordable primary care health plan (actuarial risk limited to medical appointments and exams) targeting Mexican workers and their family members that have no access to private healthcare and are currently assisted by a highly inefficient public healthcare system.