Zippi is the first Brazilian PIX payment platform tailored to the financial needs of micro entrepreneurs.


 Zippi has developed a disruptive buy now pay later solution tailored to the financial needs of 23 million Brazilian micro entrepreneurs that currently spend over BRL1 trillion per year in working capital.

Zippi’s flexible payment solution allows its customers to pay suppliers upfront and repay Zippi in weekly installments, reducing short term cash flow imbalances and expensive banking alternatives (overdraft limits (cheque especial)), empowering micro-entrepreneurs to manage their day-to-day operations. 

Zippis payment platform was built on top of PIX (Brazilian Central Bank’s new instant payment scheme that reached R$6.7 trillion of total transaction volume since its launch in Nov-20), allowing the company to disintermediate card schemes and unlock significant higher margins. PIX has recently surpassed debit and credit cards as the main payment solution for Brazilians in Q4 2021.